Alli Brown is a Salt Lake City based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist originally from Sandy, UT. Music has always been a huge part of her life and over the years she has learned to play at least 6 different instruments. As a long-time violinist, she understands and appreciates the classical side of music, however, learning the ukulele at 11 years old introduced her to her love of performing and writing music on a different level. Since then she has taken to guitar and written countless songs, many of which she performs live. Alli has been entertaining crowds with her powerful vocals for over 10 years now. 

Growing up, Alli spent much of her time in Virginia where her mom is from. These family roots are a definite reason that you can hear a country influence in her sound while also maintaining an acoustic pop vibe. Alli’s family also shares her love of music as many of her close family members also play different instruments. Her sister, Sarah, has been her unofficial duet partner for the last 13 years. Performing with Sarah allowed Alli to deeply explore vocal harmonies and gave her confidence and experience as a musician. When they get the opportunity, they still enjoy performing together.

Alli has had many musical influences over the years that range in genre, such as Taylor Swift, Florence and The Machine, Sara Bareilles, Lennon Stella, and One Republic. As she grew up, Alli loved the idea of putting her thoughts, words, and feelings to music and so she started writing songs at a young age. Now, writing is how she can share her experiences in a way that other people can relate to as well, which is her main goal as an artist.

Alli often performs solo at many different venues (opening concerts, playing local bars and restaurants, private events, and national anthems for sporting events as well) and has grown very comfortable singing in front of large crowds. In the past, Alli has been featured on two different songs - (Distant Shapes by T James and Kundalini Awakening by Ideal Dialect) - and has collaborated in live performances and recordings with many different groups.

Some People Never Change, released in May of 2022, is Alli’s debut single. In September of 2023, Alli released another single, Chasing Rainbows, which is the first single from her upcoming album release.

Alli's debut album, Undeniable, is set to release in early 2024 and will feature some of her favorite songs she’s ever written. The themes of this upcoming release are hope, heartache, and learning to be your own hero. 

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